Cover Crops

Nutri Builder Mix

This is a combination of Winterhardy Annual Rye, AU Robin Crimson Clover and Groundhog Cover Radish. This mix both produces and scavenges nitrogen.
  • Plant at 21 lbs/acre about ½" to ¾" deep in July to early September

Groundbreaker Mix

A combination of Austrian Winter Peas and Groundhog Radish where both produce and scavenge nitrogen. Can also provide excellent weed control following a wheat crop.
  • Seed at 35 lbs/acre in July to early September

GroundHog™ Forage Radish

GroundHog™ has a large root system and will pull nitrogen and nutrients deep within the soil and bring them back to the surface. Also promotes aeration and will alleviate soil compaction.
  • Seed at 8-10 lbs/acre from August to September

Forager Mix

A combination of oats, winter rye and Appin Turnips, this is an excellent choice for aerial application in standing row crops. Forage Mix provides excellent feed for cattle, produces deep roots and scavenges nitrogen.
  • Plant at 105 lbs/acre from July through early September