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*BioTown Seeds is pleased to announce that we will have varieties of Roundup Ready Alfalfa available to you upon request. Give us a call and ask us about RR Alfalfa.

Attention II with Standfast Technology

Attention II is an exciting variety that exhibits fast recovery, outstanding forage quality and imporved harestable yields. Up to 5 cuttings per year!
  • Seed at 15-20lbs/acre

Diener Leaf Hopper Resistant Variety

Diener Leaf Hopper is 85% resistant to Potato Leaf Hopper. An excellent choice to reduce ‘hopper burn'. High yielding with strong disease package.
  • Seed at 15-20 lbs/acre

Enduro Ultra

BioTown Seeds answer for Wet Soils! Enduro Ultra is high yielding with extremely high resistance to Root Rot diseases.
  • Seed at 15-20 lbs/acre

WL 353LH

The best leaf hopper resistant variety on the market today. WL 353LH is a 7th generation leaf hopper selection. An 85% leaf hopper resistant provides increase in yield and quality. If you do not plan to spray your alfalfa for leaf hopper, then WL 353LH is for you.
  • Seed at 15-20 lbs/acre


DB-101 Alfalfa is a trifoliate variety with excellent forage yield with outstanding persistence and forage yield due to its excellent disease package and winter hardiness.
  • Seed at 15-20 lbs/acre


Delivers high yield potential and excellent forage quality under heavy leafhopper pressure without spraying. Very winterhardy with great disease resistance and long stand life.
  • Seed at 15-20 lb/acre

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