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Gallant Red Clover NEW

Gallant Red Clover is a new high yielding variety with excellent persistence and an improved disease resistance. It is highly resistant to Northern and Southern Anthracnose. Gallant is also highly resistant to Black Patch and resistant to Powdery Mildew. It produces more forage and lasts longer in the field than other red clovers.

Duration Extra

Duration Medium Red Clover is the latest development in proprietary red clover breeding with strong spring green up and recovery.
  • Seed at 10-15 lbs/acre.


Ladino Clover is also known as giant or Italian white clover. New leaf and flower buds are continually developing on the running stems.
  • Seed at 2-4 lbs/acre

Kopu II White Clover (25 lb bag)

Kopu II White Clover was selected for stolon density, persistence under grazing, high yield and large leaf size. Bred for rotational grazing.
  • Seed at 2-4 lbs/acre

Medium Red Clover

Medium Red Clover is a conventional clover that last 2-3 years with 2-3 cuttings per year. Most aggressive growth the spring. Seed alone or with mixtures. Plant in fall or early spring.
  • Seed at 10-14 lbs/acre

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